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Our Mission

Meeting strangers is scary.

Meeting strangers who we might fall in love with is terrifying.

Don't go at it alone.

From crafting your online dating profile to spotting scams to going on that first date after a divorce... We've been there. Join our community of first time daters who are learning the dating ropes and learning themselves.

Maybe your heart has been broken. Maybe you've been betrayed. We want to hear your stories, get to know you and help you move into a healthy, mature relationship that serves you well.

You aren't alone.

You're never alone.

Our team


Emily Duran

Certified Professional Coach

When both my lawyer and my therapist agreed that it was ok for me to date post divorce I froze. I'd been in a monogamous relationship with the same person for the last 14 years. There was no online dating, there wasn't even facebook. How on earth was I supposed to navigate this while also going through the transition to being a single mom, figuring out who I was and becoming independent?

It was hard. It was really hard.

I've learned and unlearned a lot.

Whether you're here because, like me, you married young (or lost a spouse or left a religion), my team and I are here to guide you through every aspect of dating for the first time in this modern world.

You May know me from

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